6 wrong to eat yogurt


Many believe that eating yogurt as much as possible but this perception is entirely wrong. Yogurt is a nutritious food. But if not used properly, it will not bring nutritional value as you desire but also harmful to health.

6 wrong to eat yogurtMistake 1:

Today the market is not only selling yogurt products that increasingly appears more kinds of yogurt water. Many still believe that the yogurt water like yogurt, but not entirely so. Water is like sour milk beverage products, nutritional content of it only by third nutrient in milk or yogurt.

Mistake 2:

Many believe that eating yogurt as much as possible but this perception is entirely wrong. If you eat too much will affect the excretion of solvents in the stomach, reducing appetite. Especially if you always eat too much yogurt you’ll find cold abdomen. And the advice to you is that every day should eat 250 to 500 grams of yogurt is reasonable.

Mistake 3:

There is a perception that yogurt has higher nutrient content but in fact milk nutritional content of the two types are similar, but yogurt is easier to absorb and digest.

Mistake 4:

Yogurt with some kind of food will bring a higher nutritional value such as strawberries with yoghurt, bread, pastry, but if you combine the yogurt with sausage, bacon, frozen products prepared from meat, antibiotics … can cause constipation, stomach diseases and the worst can be fatal.

Mistake 5:

Eating yogurt when hungry will increase the risk of stomach diseases. So for your advice over lunch 1 to 2 hours and then eating yoghurt will provide the highest efficiency.

Mistake 6:

Yogurt is good for your health, but in case you have diarrhea, diabetes, and children under 1 year of age should not eat yogurt.

So why the eating yogurt right way?

Yogurt is necessary for proper health, especially in the composition of more useful micro-organisms, because besides a laxative effect, micro force as a means of safety for the organ is very sensitive to children’s to concurrency with hundreds of strains of harmful microorganisms always wished for in the frame intestine.

Use after breakfast

Physicians support the use yogurt bacteria is quite reasonable because recent research results show that the ability to pursue the aetiology of white blood cells and macrophages in the body of the child will eat it improved the clear.

Microbial composition useful in the intestine have a common framework is very fragile disadvantages. These components are easily lost if they have long-term antibiotics. They rapidly diminished even in the case of food poisoning, when children under stress (such as a new stage in kindergarten, in school or just as often as dietary changes). Thus, the child should eat yogurt after breakfast because it is the best time to enhance disease resistance.

Next, many people still think eating yogurt every child is always good. Unfortunately there will be money in vain. So if you want to be drug yogurt must contain a large amount of bacteria to a portion of which survived after wading through the water by stomach acid.

6 wrong to eat yogurtEat at least 4 consecutive weeks

More importantly, if you want to re-establish balance in the intestinal bacteria is to eat yogurt every day, once a day is all right but at least four weeks. During that time, more and more if they are smart diet rich in fiber from vegetables, cereal. Whether children or adults, using improvisational style yogurt, only to please the manufacturer.

As for the case of children antibiotics for several days, the yogurt, despite a few jars of food each day, is not sufficient to restore intestinal frame because pediatric patients often require not less than 10 billion bacteria per day of Lactobacillus or Bifido. In this case, drug use probiotics as directed by physician. If used with more or yogurt. It is important that if it must be mixed with cold water.

Add an important point for consumers is not a new idea good yogurt to sour. Sour taste is sweet story more or less in the hands of the manufacturer. That is not to eat anything with microbial components in the product. For good or yogurt is not only a patient simply using a few weeks to see children with healthy or not. Next, use healthy, not healthy, then find other measures or consult your physician.