5 ways to increase immune pregnant


There are ways to strengthen the immune system, to keep the mother and baby healthy during pregnancy. One of them is: ‘Take vitamin supplements, eating nutritious foods and exercise”.

5 ways to increase immune pregnant

1. Eat food resist flu

“A varied diet will support immunity for you” – Thomas Latham (American health professionals and mothers of children) said. According to Thomas, you should eat fresh garlic, dark green leafy vegetables, fresh lemon and drink enough water. Fruits and vegetables helps to increase immunity to the mother at the same time, help protect the fetus.

Experts also recommend that you maintain a diet rich in protein. You can not eat enough protein if you do not pork, chicken, eggs, cheese … Need to make sure there’s protein in your meals. In addition, the fatty acids in vegetable oils, nuts, fish is also essential for the body.

What you should limit are also important. Please reduce fatty foods such as bread sandwiched meat (fast food), as well as sugar and refined flour (of bread). Should also avoid caffeine-rich food.

2. Supplements vitamin according to instructions by your doctor

Vitamin supplements from the first stage of pregnancy is best. Every woman should plan pregnancy and the pregnancy should prepare vitamin supplements as directed by your doctor.

3. Practice

Women who exercise regularly tend to be less overweight, reduce pain, reduce diabetes, good control of blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Moreover, exercise also helps increase blood circulation, toxin to the body, keeping the endocrine system works well and reduces stress.

4. Relax

The best way to nourish your immune system located in the spiritual, not physical. Your emotions are helpful or harmful to the immune system. So, keep a positive attitude and preventing stress is important for healthy immune system. However, with the difficulties of pregnancy, the stress usually does not remove easily.

You can find support from friends, family and other future mothers. Try to be happy and at peace with everyone, especially with your husband.

5. Vaccination

If you get the flu while pregnant, you may face more serious risks. The disease control centers to encourage pregnant women and vaccination against seasonal influenza and H1N1. Please contact the centers of preventive medicine in which you live for further details.

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