5 ways soothe baby to stop crying


When born, baby often cry more make many parents feel very hard to appease the baby. The following are some ways to help parents in this difficult task.

5 ways soothe baby to stop crying

Newborn babies often cry very long, and when the baby two weeks old or more, persistent crying for 2-3 hours in the evening is a very common story. This caused many fathers, young mothers really headache. Try some suggestions below, to soothe your child quiet and gentle as baby care, attention to what they’re trying to tell you the crying, you’ll find out how to appease what is the most effective .

Change location lying for your baby:

– Keeping your baby lying face down on the arm to the elbow on your baby title, while the hand open and fingers hugging baby legs.

– Keep your baby sitting you in my arms, chest pressure on your back baby, by passing the other hand the baby, hold baby in hand thumb and finger pointing.

– Be based on the beloved children as you, so baby belly against the bone as you.

– Round hand closing as a baby crib, keeping your baby close to your pressure.

Gentle motion:

Newborn often feel very interested when the pace moving with about 60 times per minute, so you try the following:

– Am baby in hand, walking quietly in the room.

– While walking in the room, can jump very quiet duct elbow by mild knee.

– Hold your baby swaying from right to left, from front to later.

– Rock the baby gently on the chain swing or hammock.


– Gone tightly around your baby a warm blanket.

– Hold your baby close to you so he / she felt the warmth from their parents.

– Winter, before the baby is sleeping, put a bag on the bed furnace for heating baby blankets buffer. Pick up the broken heating and temperature checks to ensure that the animal was warm enough for the baby.

– Keep your baby in the heart, to hold a baby bottle of warm water, was carefully wrapped around a broken towel.

The sound calm light:

– Then silently the words appease baby in a low voice, quiet.

– Dim or modulate some familiar songs that you like as a lull a child to sleep or the songs have melodies gently.

– Recorded the sound of the dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner or extractor machine clothing for your baby and hear the sound control fever, spleen way. The noise emitted light from the fan or heater in the room can attract the attention of the baby and hold your baby cry.

– On the gentle music, like classical music, jazz, folk or country. Never heard the baby on a type of music like rock or hip hop, it just causes more anxiety and baby to cry more only.

Stroked, massage for your baby:

– Massage your baby gently from the back, down the arm and the two small side.

– Pat, then rub back and buttocks baby carefully, quiet.

– In the warm room, put your baby on the bed and gently massages the abdomen as the baby watches. If you suspect that your baby is crying because of gas, how Massage can help your baby don’t cry. Press your baby’s knees, legs slightly bent toward baby belly baby to push out excess air.

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