5 tips to reduce fever without drug

If fever illness in pregnancy, use of antipyretics in the form of what must be the doctor’s instructions.

Here are five tips to help mom quick reduce fever:

5 tips to reduce fever without drugs

1. Wear to follow the temperature: Do not warm or thinly and inadequately. Wearing too many clothes will make body temperature rise slightly, but if even less, you’ll feel chills, forcing the body to produce more heat.
Moderate wear, with ambient temperature, clothing should open wide for good air circulation in the skin.

2. Keep cool: Open windows, turn on air conditioning or going out. Cool air, the fresh will help reduce fever quickly.

3. Drinking: sweats and hot breath of fever can cause dehydration, which barely cover the body of water loss. Bring a water bottle with you and small sip throughout the day.
4. Enough to eat: The increased heat requires more energy to burn, which is losing more than calorie. You should combine drinks with soft food, easy digestion, more nutritious.
5. Warm baths: Drop her in the tub or warm bath shower also helps comfort and reduce fever. The next step is to cool the body by the body to dry naturally after a shower (do not use a dry towel)

Note: If no fever, it is best to consult a doctor immediately for advice. Cases of sudden high fever, fever or other unexpected symptoms should also be to the hospital an emergency .

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