Experts help you face the popular name worries her start in preschool / kindergarten while offering psychological strategies to relieve this important landmark ages ago.

afraid of going to school

1.”What if I did not know anyone at school?”

Parents explain to children understand that making new friends is also a very interesting part of starting school, for the most positive words of encouragement: “This will be a great opportunity there, I will get used to the new you. play with you will be happy. ”
You can also help you in making friends by inviting classmates to play house.

2. “What happens if the teacher is a bad person?”

Help your child understand that the school she was chosen as the teacher because they love children. The teacher will be patient, kind and fun and not a bad person.

Please select a book on the subject in school to read with your child, then discuss the characters in the story do. Who understand the feelings and be a role model to follow will help children overcome fear.

It will be helpful if you role-play with your child about the child’s fear: You act as a teacher, then swap, your teacher in when you will be playing as a child in school.

3. “If you want to piss can I do?”

Do not go to the toilet in time is also a punishment for child, making her extremely nervous. Therefore, parents assure that, make sure the toilet in the next room, and even the toilet is not there, then the teacher will introduce the class toilet where right in the first school day.

4. “What happens if the teacher said that i did not know the answer?”

Let your children know that I can always reply that I do not know. Please help me to understand the work of the teacher is to help your children learn and she will be happy to explain what you  do not know.

Role-play in this case may also be useful. You play the teacher, “call” to answer a question “to the class.” Try asking a question that you do not know or are not sure, then I said “I do not know the answer” in a calm while still being the center of attention.

5. “What happens if parents do not pick me again?”

As the only child “left” in school while you were picked out is pretty bad in the child’s immature thinking. Child will see unhappy, anxious, you missed your mother and wanted to go home.

Please assure me that you will be in school to get me right now, as soon as the frequency. Where work can not be completed soon, call by grandparents, relatives to get me help you. Reassure her that late transfer does not regularly happen. If it occurs, the school is a safe place and the teachers will play with the children until their parents or grandparents to pick.


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