5 symbolic error of the parent

Immediately after the baby is formed in the womb, the time of a human life begins, parents had to take responsibility for what we have “cultivated” and into this world. Home life of the baby are small pieces, the foundation created by the parents.

80% experience, knowledge of the first child from family life. In the first 16 years of life, give love to live in the warmth of the family, but parents do not cause the error below.

Tell children to live in a warm affection of the family.
Tell children to live in a warm affection of the family.

1. Drink

Alcohol helps to increase oxygen supply to the brain, but you can not drink alcohol while pregnant do so because if the child will lack the ability to self-General of the factors necessary to reduce mental capacity of the child.

Another reason not to allow maternal alcohol use during pregnancy is placenta, transmission line from mother to baby food, inability to combat the influence of alcohol in the process of decay. As a result of toxic to brain cells formed. Mother may not be affected but all toxic products from alcohol during pregnancy will suffer.

2. Delay the education for children

The most common mistake is that of parents: A child only has full food, clothes, education will also wait until they grow up already.

You do not accidentally teach their children about life, not to talk to them, do not encourage the close growing up day by day.

You have accidentally not only for your child acts in situations different from when it was entitled. You are not your child a confident understanding of beginning.

3. Bad example for children

If your child often that you sit watching TV with a beer bottle in hand, cigarette or burning on the environment is not surprising when you do these things so right from the very young. You will build up a model of future behavior of the family with children of both joy and sadness.

Do not let children have often seen the not bad or disability of parents

Do not let children have often seen the not bad or disability of parents.

4. Not care environment of the baby

You need to take care of their children from the first-day-old baby to the soul, baby brain gather information and feel everything from the born. The information the child has been completely dependent on people who live around them.

Parents are to bring your baby the opportunity to feel what is happening in life, as well as communication control of the baby. For habitat and raised the baby has something bad will impact directly to the complete personality of the baby.

5. Not help when children are hyperactive

Many have argued them, but children must be hyperactive and most parents realize their children hyperactive excessive when there are certain effects.

Hyperactive syndrome makes children overly difficult to concentrate and effort to study. You need to be vigilant, refer to the opinions of some specialists, neurologists to help children from a young age to avoid problems in the future

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