5 rules to punish children

Ancestor often said “Spare tho rod and spoil the child” – To teach children become human, each parents must be really assertive and strict.

5 rules to punish children

However, the assertiveness and strictness limited its own measure. What is the limit?

In families,
parents who can establish the principles to their children but most parents never set yourself guidelines for yourself? In the punish of children with need certain guidelines. The rules that will help you bring-up children more effective.
Here are 5 guidelines for parents while their children punishment:

1. Consistency

If children find that parents are not consistent in making punish that we make easy mistake to next time. Children will think parents did not
consistent about it and disregard the form punishment that parents make. Therefore, before making any sanctions to baby, parents  needs to discuss that bring the same decision.

2. Limitations

Children need is provided but limited to specific general may know that what they are allowed to do and what they do not have permission. If parents do not give the child a certain extent, the child will feel lost and control, we are not known what to do and not do anything.

3. Commend and reward

If parents praise and awards for the actions, deportment be correctness of children that will be felt encouraged and express themselves better. However, parents should also remember that through this abuse. Do not extol excessive to make children misconception about yourself. We also should not be regularly rewarded each time when children do the job well that your baby action because
bonus no sense of themselves.

4. Giving warnings

Children should also have the chance to correct your misconduct. Therefore, before the punishment parents should be offered but answered deterrence, may be to acknowledge that action is wrong and how to fix next time.

5. Restraint

Parents are an example to follow for children and also so calm and restraint myself. This will not be good for both parents and children if parents can not control your emotions. The
gently words taught, kindly  will promote greater effect but shouts or abuse answered.

Hopefully this article will be provided for parents to do but step advice helpful in raising docile
children, obedient parents. I wish you bring-up children success! :)
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