5 mistake to care newborn

When babies are born, many mothers prefer to use  thin clothes, blankets wrapped tightly the baby. They think they do, they will not be startled. However, this is the unscientific way.

5 mistake to care newborn

Being wound too tight, baby can hardly breathe, can not stir, thus obstructing the circulation process in the skin, affecting the normal development of the nervous system.

4 the next thing to note when raising children, from Security Capital:

1. Cut ‘blood hair ‘ frequently

Many parents believed that, continually cut “blood hair” for the classes will stimulate new hair grow faster and thicker. Hair can grow faster but not always thicker and darker because it depends on genetics. Also, your baby’s skin is quite thin hair so if not careful can touch the baby’s skin, causing infection.

2. Based strictly 2-3 hours for feeding

In theory, the digestion of milk in the baby usually occur every 3 hours. Thus, the new feeding advice about 3 hours one time. But the child did not have a computer because baby’s is different needs each other. Even the baby the same age have different food needs.

Be based on the individual needs of the baby when you breastfeed. It is possible to avoid affecting the breastfed baby’s sleep.

3. Baby shower thoroughly

When born, whole baby’s body is usually covered by skin mixed with white pigment. These layers can be thicker in the groin, neck, under arms. That’s because after leaving the womb, the skin appears to protect children from environmental influences.

The skin will slowly lose, returned to skin pink. So, no need to wash the clean to prevent child skin injury.

4. Use honey for babies

According to popular experience, parents often use honey to your baby’s oral hygiene and prevention of fungal tongue . But if your child is allergic to pollen, the baby may be allergic to honey. Meanwhile, baby swollen tongue after each wipe the mother tongue with honey. Thus, when the baby is definitely not an allergy or not, to be careful when cleaning your baby’s mouth with honey.

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