These suggestions just to help the baby to react flexibly to stimulate visual, hearing, has always made the baby happy.

Parent play with baby

1. Playing with flashlight

Effects: Helps baby visual flexibility and good development.

Implementation: You turn off the electricity in the baby room. Using a small torch light on the wall, you try to move the hands several times to light by the movement. Baby will be rolling smoke flow into the light of a flashlight. You can radiate in hand, foot of baby, baby also interested.

2. The umbrella toy

Effects: Helps baby visual flexibility.

Implementation: Suspend a umbrella located near kennel where baby lie (note away with fingertips and not hanging directly in front of baby). Then, you hang pretty toys on the umbrella . You slot the hand speed derived cells to attract children. After several times, children will see the umbrella without you shake umbrella again.

3. Find objects

Effects: Helping children respond flexibly.

Implementation: You hug the baby . Select a tintinnabulum is vacillating and shaking the left slot and right baby. Baby will be cross-eyed or incline the head to the sound of a swinger tintinnabulum.

If not, you can hand the baby to touch your nose attached to praise “good child. Its a mother’s nose”.

4. Playing with doll

Effects: To become familiar with children toys and it helps the baby move flexibly.

Implementation: You put a slot poppet small hand near the baby. Suggest taking baby please baby doll, you will be surprised because the baby will exert tum get the items of this baby has not even understand all your needs. Each time you play you can put doll  for children a little distance, the baby will to get with this item.

5. Say ‘e E’ change diapers for the baby

Effects: Helps support baby don’t fret when they change diapers

Implementation: When the baby must be on the bed to change diapers, you can hand to touch many different parts of the body be. Each hard-working so light, you have to say “e a” and funny laugh. Baby will begin to laugh with you and not feel uncomfortable when you touch on the following time change diapers anymore.


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