While childhood memories of endless games of Monopoly and contentious games of Risk may scare you away from the great family pastime of board games, there’s a board game revolution that is introducing fun new twists to old family favorites. These five inventive games not only promote critical-thinking and problem solving, but many actually improve family togetherness. Try out these fun board games for a night of family bonding.


pandemic game

Pandemic is a cooperative board game that tests your family’s resolve to quarantine, cure, and eradicate deadly diseases sweeping the globe. Each family member is assigned a specific duty and, working together, the group tries to contain the spread of three deadly viruses before one becomes a global pandemic. This is a fun, challenging game suited for older families, generally ages ten and up for the base game. Families who enjoy Pandemic can find great expansion packs that introduce additional viruses and DNA recombination for the cure.

Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride is a simple premise that is hours of fun for families. Each player is a train baron trying to complete train routes to get points. There are only a limited amount of routes available so players need to quickly claim routes or creatively build new routes to get to their location. Ticket to Ride is suited towards younger family members, generally ages eight and above, and offers games situated in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia, helping younger children learn geographic.

Forbidden Island


Forbidden Island is another cooperative game that uses teamwork to solve the game’s main objective. Players are trapped on a rapidly sinking island and need to work together to gather the island’s treasures before it capsizes completely. Forbidden Island offers multiple difficulty levels so that younger players can enjoy the game as much as older.

Galaxy Trucker


For those who like a little more chaos in their gaming, Galaxy Trucker is a perfect match. Players begin in the game by building a spaceship for their intergalactic hauls. Then, they send their creation into space, hoping to gather cargo and avoid space pirates and asteroid fields. Galaxy Trucker does have some slightly complicated gameplay mechanics so it’s suitable for older children, but parents can eliminate the timed portion of shipbuilding until children understand the basic rules. Galaxy Trucker offers chaotic fun and entertainment to family game night.


5 Fun Board Games for Families

Tsuro is a game of travel that hones motor skills and problem solving. Players are ship captains that are trying to guide their ships to safety. By placing tiles that mark a path for their ship to follow, players try to become the last ship left on the board. The game is very quick and incredibly simple but tons of fun. Players can only affect each other’s progress if their ships happen to cross so Tsuro takes out a lot of the competition of other games. The intuitive gameplay mechanics make Tsuro a suitable game for most children.

Family board game night doesn’t have to rely on the boring, old standards of childhood. By invigorating the night with some interesting new games, parents can build teamwork and critical-thinking skills. Try out one of these five games on your next rainy day or boring night.


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