5 foods to help your baby become a prodigy


In the above factors, diets, baby food is easy to do what parents most, starting a new baby is born. Scientists have been researching and concluding, after five food to benefit the development of the brain and if there is a menu of science for the baby with food, you can contribute to a a prodigy.

5 foods to help your baby become a prodigy

Apple is a fruit that contains many nutrients.

1. Eggs: chicken eggs containing 8-amino acid types needed for the body. Addition, the nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron … in eggs are beneficial to the development of the brain.

However, the egg is not easy to digest food. Not because I want to have a child prodigy, but her mother forced to eat baby plenty of eggs, just make baby belly full of nutritious food and fear of this. Besides, should diversify the processing chips, doctor, interesting … to enhance the attractiveness of eggs for baby.

2. Bananas: Bananas help the brain produce serum – part of the blood and helps stimulate the development of the nervous system, promoting the development of the brain.

3. Apples: In many familiar fruits, apple is a fruit that contains many nutrients added. In apples contain more zinc than other foods, can help improve memory.

4. Onion: onion secreted drugs blood vessels, especially the blood vessels flowing to the brain, helps the brain work more flexible.

5. Walnuts: In walnut contains oils to help improve the quality of the brain. In addition, small amounts of zinc and man-gan in the fruit in walnuts help the brain healthier, more flexible response.

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