Here are five food is not good for the brain child, the parents should know to avoid.

bacon - 5 foods 'kill' the child's IQ1. Foods containing fat oxidation

If eating too fat oxidation in the long run, these substances accumulate in the body causing a number of catalyst systems in the body are damaged, leading to early degenerative brain or underdeveloped.

2. White sugar

White sugar is acidic. Let your child eat sweets (sugar and products made from white sugar) in the long run will form the body and brain acidic, negatively affected the intellectual development of children.

Moreover, the children eat too much sugar and sweets, fresh water will make it difficult for the liver function and cause decay.

3. Food is too salty

These foods contain too much salt causes high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, moreover injure blood vessels, affecting blood supply to the organization in the brain, causing anemia , lack of oxygen in brain cells, leading to impaired memory, slow response.

For adults, just use less salt 7 g / day, children should be limited to less than 4g/ngay. Meals for children, should limit foods high in salt such as improving salt, salted fish, salted meat, dried fish …

4. Refined rice and noodles

Refined rice and noodles are the food starch refining process, beneficial ingredients such as vitamin B and glucose decreased and the remaining carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will reduce the activity of neurons.

5. Foods that contain aluminum

Children regularly eat foods high aluminum content causes memory decline, slow response, even cause cretinism. Aluminum is often found in fried foods.

The child’s brain damage is very great if the parents to leave alone children eat the food that love .


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