With fragile skin of babies, mothers how to take good care in the winter? The suggestions below will help mother care for baby was so good that skin no chapping.

5 easy steps for baby skin care in winter
Clean baby skin
The parents should pay special attention to this problem. After feeding the mother should wipe the saliva, milk residue clinging around baby mouth to keep your skin always clean. This is an extremely simple but not always the mother also noticed.
Besides, the mother must also regularly clean the baby limbs. Because of baby very active and mischievous, so the hands and feet dirty as inevitable. But if not promptly cleaned, the stain that will make baby skin dry and irritated.
Timely nappy and clothing
After baby go to toilet, if the mother is not changing new nappy that baby’s sensitive skin will feel extremely uncomfortable. So the mother frequently observed behavior, the faces of the baby to know when the baby to the toilet in time instead of changing for baby!
In winter, the mother should bath about 2 times a week is just right. The water bath should be around 38-40C. If the water is too hot will harm the baby skin. After bathing, the mother should clean the body, keep warm to void cold.
Selection of skin care products for babies
There are some parents did not pay attention to use skin care products of adult for use  children. This is one of the culprits as baby skin damage, especially in winter. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, the mother should choose products for baby. Ideally, the mother should choose a moisturizer product for your baby’s sensitive skin this winter
Notice of baby clothes
Clothing material is in direct contact with your baby’s skin. To be sure not to irritate baby skin, the mother should choose the clothes made of soft cotton cloth. Particularly when washing clothes for the baby, the mother should also shake of times to completely remove soap from clothes. Sometimes the amount of soap remaining on clothing harmful to baby skin!



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