5 best games with letters for your children


Five fun and simple way below to help your baby soon recognize the words.

5 best games with letters for your children

1. Find suitable pair

You choose any three letters, each written on one side of 6 cardboard . Then you upside  six cardboard puzzle  down and ask the child to find 2 cardboard that a pair of two letters the same. When the child finds a pair, placed two cardboard aside. If the child can not, you turn up on the cover sheet and show your child the same letter.

When they gradually mastered this game, can increase the number of cards to 10 with 5 letters.

2. Pairing words

Write each letter on a sheet of white with large  paper size . Then, use scissors to cut paper into 2-3 parts. Disturbance at the same time 2-3 sheets of paper with different letters. Teach children how to find the puzzle pieces together to form the letters mean.

3. Throw carton

With the present carton square or rectangular, you write each letter on white paper and then use sticky tape on 4 sides of the box. Then you throw the box on the floor and teach them to find out what is the back side, on the back that correspond to letters that …

4. Writing with chalk

Both mother and daughter writing with chalk on the sidewalk or yard in circles. A letter and called for the child to jump into the ring.

5. Mail in clay

You and child shaped the land into small balls. Then, the ball tucked inside the letters small plastic toys. Next, you find the same letters in the balls by squeeze.


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