5 beauty products should be avoided during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful women. However, this means you will have to be more careful with everything, including beauty products. Indeed, a number of substances in the night creams or gel eyeliner is strong enough to be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and affect fetal development.

5 beauty products should be avoided during pregnancy1. The acne medicine, Salicylic acid and Retinols

Products such as Accutane, Retin A and tetracycline is a prescription acne medication, acne should be avoided during pregnancy. The drug contains high levels of toxins to combat the bacteria that cause acne. Concentrations of toxic substances that can cause birth defects for children.

In addition, products containing retinoids or salicylic acid (commonly found in anti-aging cream) also raises many concerns for fetal health. To prevent high levels of vitamin A affects the young, the best you should not use this product during pregnancy. If you have acne during pregnancy, be patient and wait after the birth of new treatments, and necessarily with the doctor’s appointments.

2. Any product that smells

Phthalates are chemicals commonly found in beauty products such as milk scented body care, perfumes. It can cause adverse effects during pregnancy causes disturbances in the development cycle of the baby. More hazardous, it has sometimes been “overlooked” in the list of ingredients listed on the label.

Rather, you should stay away from all things that are so fragrant incense during pregnancy.

3. Skin whitening – skin lightening products

The skin lightening products containing hydroquinone chemical compounds or glutathione, skin bleaching effect. These compounds affect enzyme activity generated melanin in your body, since that would interfere with natural processes to get the dermis healthy baby.

These components can make your allergy. So, you should not use them during pregnancy and lactation.

4. The nail care products

If required to beautify fingernails, toenails when you are pregnant, make sure that your nail polish in an airy space. And if so, please minimize the polish step, choose the best paint for at least the chemical composition.

In fact, there was evidence of higher miscarriage rate of Overexposure. Therefore, the most important thing you need to do is keep the principle.

5. Tanning products

Because dihydroxyacetone (DHA News, the main ingredient in tanning lotions) are not known, so we are not really clear whether it affects the circulation of blood.

In fact, there are some indications that DHA may be the reason why DNA is broken. Therefore, it is best to underscore the tanning product from the list of things that should be used during pregnancy, until scientists conclude official.

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