5 basic values things to teach children

Help your child to grow up, live happy and useful then it needs a direction from parents. Fact that sometimes we are too focused on teaching skills, but forget to teach values. While children are carved deep to the true value, learn from the family as the compass of our life.

please teach your children  basic values things
And this is in family values should be passed to your children

1. Work hard and always tried hard

Teaching their children about proper behavior at work is very important. Regardless of career is what we, the children we need to know their parents have to make a living by providing products or services value to others.

Children need to understand that then they also must work to earn an honest wage the same opportunities. May not mislead, fraud, robbery or theft scams making money of others a dishonour.

2. Always tell the truth and be honest

Honesty is the foundation for a relationship right in life. Somehow, the lie often create evil, the corollary and long-term damage.

There are many such examples occur in life. Let your children see that we all have faults at range. But as soon say the truth openly, then we quickly resolved the problem and minimize the damage.

3. Do not hurt yourself or others

Because all we have to transfer a sense of acceptance and penetration feel love for our children. When they are small, we teach children not hitting, biting or throwing objects at others, away from kitchen fire, electricity and sharp objects … When they grow more, we teach children avoid dangerous sexual acts, avoid driving in drunken state and wise in matters of money spending.

If we fulfill their responsibilities, children grow up we will know the respect of myself and others enough to do foolish things can cause great pain many people feel on today.

4. Do not take what is not yours

This seems to be obvious, but clearly it needs to be reiterated with the most basic concepts of ownership:

• If you do not have it first or it is not intended for you, so it is not for you!

• If it is not for you, so you must leave it there.

• If child borrow, I need a permit and then the need to preserve and care for it at higher levels than usual, even more than if it is yours.

5. How do you want to treat people let you treat people like that

This is the golden rule, the orientation for everything. It’s simple but powerful. It will help your child become always be respected and loved. Do not forget any chance I can leave it engraved your children.

Believe me, just short of the value can help your child have a good life in the future. Please emphasize the value of family in our home. Let it carved deep into the soul and heart of our children for they can never forget.


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