4 ways to help your baby exercise eagerly


First, cleaning the homes of your baby can participate daily. The daily work will help the baby more active and healthy.

4 ways to help your baby exercise eagerly
Children are good health that happy with parents

You should consult your baby how to decorate furniture the room . If your baby like comic store in the drawer, red dress hanging on a the pink hook … for your baby to be free. If your baby like move seat from baby’s room to living-room every time watching television, you should encourage your baby.

With baby shopping

With baby overweight, you should encourage your baby as running, playing.
Group to walk the baby at the shop quickly became very torture. Baby will faster to complain tired and do not want to continue the journey with you again.

The best is last week, you suggested to the baby roam the supermarket. Limit for baby sitting on trolleys in the supermarket. This will make your baby more lazy and afraid to campaign. With the baby or tired, you should limit the time your baby walk.

Challenge baby join the game

If you want to create a compelling campaign game with a child, you should learn how to challenge your baby. Saying: “Two mothers run together ” not attractive enough verbal encouragement: “Mother and son join the dash. Who will win the award”.

Playing in the afternoon

The longer the walk before dinner also helps your baby healthy. Just go, you just count the number of the baby. Example: two many trees in the street, street lamp, a cat, trash …

Let’s start with interesting stories to entice your baby, your baby will be happy to walk with you within 1 km or a little longer. This method only helps the mother and child healthy and  intimate together.

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