4 ways stimulate thinking of children

Thinking is understood simply to encourage your baby to think, express opinions before a problem. Kid know thinking usually independent, self-confidence, many more ideas.

1. Questions with baby

First, share in words your thoughts, since then, they will learn to manifest problems in their head. Started after the baby experiences in life, for example, the topic of weather: It’s black cloudy and gloom, rain is going. If you know how to stimulate the curiosity of children, you will receive many questions from smart kid.

2. For soaring imagination

Only a baby picture (painting) and baby to think of things (events) outside that context. For example, guidelines listed baby animals in the petting zoo for the baby when you see a picture of a petting zoo.

3. With baby to decide

When baby comments, you need to discuss thoroughly with your baby to make the final decision. For example, if you want to plan for the birthday boy, you try to suggest baby food favorite, the list of guests, time and location of the ceremony. Next, can make your suggestions. Finally, both mother and child compared with finding the most appropriate response plans. The purpose of thinking is the direction your baby to think positive but must balance the desire of parents (others).

4. ‘Food’ for thinking

While reading, try to suggest baby judgments situation happens in the story or action that the character soon made. With a larger baby, parents can show your baby see an article or an event on TV and talk to your baby about the same problem.