4 ways help baby knowing how to play


4 ways help baby knowing how to play

When children know how to play, you will have time for work and their children also become more independent. But if you do not know how, you hard heart “split” baby out of the shadow of you.


Psychologist Kathy Hirsh-Pasek commented “Many parents think they should play with children but this was not necessarily good for children also have time to relax, a private space.

For children to play will cause the baby increase creativity, free thinking how many more games and more confident in communication. When the free play, parents will have more time to do their work. Therefore, to facilitate both sides, parents try to follow the ways to encourage children to play.

1. Recommendation for baby how to play

The first step is teaching children to play games just for young children to feel attracted to the game and to play what is no less interesting play with adults.

Chandle Cynthia, also a psychologist about how to educate children at Black Hill State University, said that “Children will learn to play behavior. If you’re never to young to play, then your child will never learn how self-ratings rig, stability itself. Just for kids to play, put toys for children to play but you still have around nearby sudden precautions things”.

Some babies born were able to play, but little else, there must be directed by the adults. For example the case of the baby twin sister Victoria Loveland-Coen, age 47, a self-playing baby dolls, while her mother Left must be taught how to play.

General, to help children to play you should take the time to guide and explain how to play first child and the toys around them.

2. Create a space for baby

Psychologist Margaret Paul revealed “The best way to encourage children to play independently is to give them a private space, safe and comfortable so they can be spoiled for the role they play like.”

Michelle Workman, age 39 in Los Angeles has dedicated a room for two players of his son. Game room, allowing them to put all her toys into it, like animals, plants, toy boxes …. She said “I paint the room dark green eyebrow. Floor is the cushion cover to children without sliding feet, dive deck if it unfortunately fell. Meanwhile, she Evanston 39 year old, mother of Liz Hletko baby 4 year old. Now describe your child’s play space “Every room for a toys flat, children’s books in a corner, so I work whatever also observe the children playing.

For Baby private space
For baby a private space

3. Create a task for baby can play

Young children often do not like to sit one place too long, but we will focus on “work” if assigned “tasks”. For example, from toys to rate the child as you guide a project to build something, such as docking home, around the scene …

Experience of 42-year-old mother, sister Suzy Martyn, mother of the child 4 years old, “When I need about 45 minutes to prepare meals, I give my child colored pencils, the piece of paper, paste and protect the lake morning create a construction work from the stuff I brought.

Experts said that parents want their children busy to be disturbed is not good, but not for children busy watching TV or playing games on the TV, computer … as long operating machinery is harmful to children. Adults should guide and encourage your baby to play computer games with movement, creativity to help children from falling into the passive state, self-depreciation, lack of communication.

4. Working with children

Children enjoyed the adults went to work the other wrong. For children, such as a job useful and extremely interesting. For example, Ms. Bethel, 39 year old for “Before my gardening, I give the children a small shovel and” because “it helped train a hole for planting. My child has done very eager and I will not be disturbed.

The child will also make children more confident and think as if they are mature adults and is. You will be surprised if young hard focus pick mass vegetables while you fry cooking without complaining something.

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