4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding


The first-woman become mother usually waiting for  breast-feeding. But if you know the baby suck properly, they will become ‘professional’ than.

Here are four positions for baby suck that experts rated as the best, from Mayoclinic:

1. Horizontal carry
4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding
This posture is considered the best in the early days of baby suck mother. Mother sitting comfortably on a chair seat to hand. Hold your baby horizontally, a curved back, swept with the support arm (opposite arm to the chest for baby suck ) of the mother. Both the body and the head of the baby fit in the palm of your hand and mother’s palm . Avoid folding or stretching straight at the baby too.
2. Lull to sleep style

4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding

Similar Horizontal carry but from this, the support arm with the same dimensions of the breast for lactation. Mother should sit comfortably in a chair, with handrails. To fall baby’s head into place the mother’s elbow. Might add a pillow  in mother’s heart to support .

3. Type of mother has a caesarean

4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding
Besides mother has a caesarean, this posture is also a reasonable choice for pregnant mothers has big breast or two twin baby feeding at the same time. Keep a baby in the mother’s chest so that the mother elbow folds as fulcrum. Mother open palm holding your baby’s head and neck orientation to the “chest” mother. Want more comfortable, try placing a pillow on the mother heart.

4. Type of  lie suck

4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding
This method is also quite comfortable for the mother after birth, especially birth surgery. It is also the number 1 choice when mother tired. Mother is tilted on one side, facing baby in a mother breast election. When the baby was breast properly, you chock the pillow to posture more comfortable for you while baby’s feeding
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