Large cardboard boxes are toys will be ideal for saving your child’s kindergarten. Below the 4 method to help you create interesting game for your baby

4 enjoyable games with cardboard boxes1. Puppet theater

Get a cardboard carton and cut out a rectangular window above the front of the box. A rope hanging over the windows and hung two pieces scraps of fabric which made curtains. Help your little angel sitting in the “stage. ” With each character, leave baby use own finger or hand puppets. Baby’s imagination to help create more compelling story.

2. Cardboard robot

Prepare two cardboard boxes, one for the baby’s body and a smaller one for the baby. Hole at the top of the box to watch and baby can breathe. With the box below, make the hole so she can go back and reaching out. Told baby that you are now has a super robot. Assign a task to baby a towel and  guidance robot cleaning house .

3. Homemade scene

Use the area inside the box as a broad context. Kid can try to paste pictures from magazines on the box and inside is a miniature self-created world as an old CD could be a pond and dry branch pretended to large tree forest, for example.

4. Carton castle

Remove the lid of a cardboard box. Then, cut one edge of the box to create a door that can close – open. Let your child decorate the castle with pictures, sponges and toys …



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