3 tips to help baby avoid choking nose when it’s cold


Some methods help baby reduce symptoms of stuffy nose in winter

3 tips to help baby avoid choking nose when it's cold

1. Using exhalation  bags:

Mothers can come nose to buy the package leaves the pharmacy north  about the baby.
Baby formula at mother leaves come in a package for small bags, worn on the chest for baby clothes.
When your baby to sleep: parents can come in two package leaves two small cloth bags, placed on either side of the baby pillow.

2. Use mint essential oil

– Before your baby to bed, the mother is in physiological saline nose baby.
– Chock pillow of baby higher than normal for baby easy to breathe
– Small few drops of  mint essential oil on clothing, blankets, baby pillows.
Mom should drip a moderate, so not touch the eyes or spicy baby skin, causing burned skin.

3. Turn two sides of nose

– When your baby to sleep, mother statistics on high pillow for less than normal for baby to breathe. Mother use hand, on the two side of the nose (the intersection of the original nose and cheeks), baby will no longer stuffy nose.
Mother regularly help baby smoke water in nose and avoid smoking for the baby when the nose stuffy nose and rhinitis


Mom can help her room was stuffy nose and rhinitis by:
– Every day your baby is under physiological salt water for children.
– Use clean cotton dark nose baby 1-2 times a day. Mother to note before using dark cotton baby nose clean, the cotton should be embedded in a dark cup of warm water then wipe your baby. If parents are not embedded dark cotton before cleaning your baby, the tiny piece of dust in dark cotton will stick to the nose baby, your baby may be uncomfortable and more difficult to breathe.
– Encourage self blow the nose all mucus in the nose if baby can

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