Fresh milk is a nutrient-rich food, good health, but in use, so that should not inadvertently or accidentally been metamorphosed to milk processing, can even be harmful to the body.

3 things you should avoid when drinking fresh milk
Drink fresh milk everyday
Boil milk in small fire

Because to avoid milk overflow or milk blow out  when boiling  many people use small fire to boil the milk, so will reduce the vitamin in milk, reduced nutritional value.

Because boiling milk with small fire, long-time heat, nutrients in milk as vulnerable oxygen damage.

Science method boil big fire, when boiling immediately withdraw fire. So, just keep the components of milk, and, again both effective antiseptic.

Boil the milk too long

Many people believe that as long the module as a good antiseptic. This is not true. Because milk protein, the protein particles in heated the glue will be huge changes. When the milk at 60-62 degrees starting with the phenomenon of water loss from the colloidal liquid protein particles move and settle down special glue.

Milk also contains phosphoric acid salt is not stable, if for a long hot, calcium calculated with phosphoric acid becomes neutral phosphoric calcium, deposited remains cause for loss of value of milk available.

In addition, when boiled to 100 degrees, the sugar in milk, so milk will start flowing brown and gradual resolution of lactic acid, and produce formic acid, making sour milk, affecting the taste of milk . Thus, milk should not be boiled longer.

Put sugar before boiling

When boiling milk, if at the same time the road, looking outward very hygienic, but actually is a science, as in cow’s milk and sugar-containing lysine will react when the high temperature generated lysine original glucose, high is harmful to the body. How accurate is the time to boil milk then add sugar.


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