For your child tall, healthy, parents need to understand the stages of child development, thereby building good nutrition for children.

Body height in the development stage?

There are three phases of rapid body growth in height:

The fetal period: in 9 months of pregnancy if the mother is eating well, up from 10-20kg, then I will reach 50cm in height and birth weight from 3 kg or more.

Newborn period to 3 years: 12 months child up 25cm, 2-year high next year more children are 10cm if possible good raised .

3 stage ideal help kids increase height

The period of puberty: Girls from 10-16 years of age and boys from 12-18 years of age is puberty. During puberty, body height will be 1-2 years jumped from 8-12cm per year if well nurtured. But in reality, we can not know exactly what was in that year so they have to ensure good nutrition for children during puberty to child development. After puberty, body height also increased but children with very low speeds, increasing the total height of the year after year not by a soaring height of the period of puberty.

It is often estimated height of young adulthood will double the height at age 2 (eg high youth at two large 82cm high, when adult is height 1.64 m). Or height at maturity by height at age 10 multiplied by 1.25 (eg when kid 10 year old high 1.4 m then adult children will be higher at about 1, 75m). Thereby we see foster care in the stages of pregnancy, 3 years and puberty stage is very important to develop the child’s height.

Measures to help care for children greater than

The study showed the height of human impact factors: nutrition (32%), genetic (23%), exercise (20%), living environment, sunlight, disease , sleep …

Nutritional measures: There are most influential to the development of height, body and intellect of the child. While pregnant women need to understand is that you eat for themselves and their children. So in addition to your food full of nutrients must also focus on food supplements vitamins to help the baby develop well.

Period of breastfeeding infants should be completely up to 6 months for food supplements. A day for children to eat three meals morning, lunch, dinner and snacks 2-3 more mid-morning and after nap to help them gain weight, increase the height of the monthly standard. 4 to enough food group is high protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals, and have abundant food type, should have the 20 best foods every day.

These important nutrients help to increase height are: protein (protein) needed for body growth and development. Foods rich in protein as meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, soybeans.

Calcium is a vital mineral in bone structure (hold 99%), making bones strong and helps children to develop height. Calcium needs change with age, the average child from 6 months – 18 years require about 400 – 700mgCa/day, so you want your children to drink 500 – 750ml of milk per day. Foods high in calcium are: milk, fish, shrimp, prawn, crab, oysters, clams, snails, mussel, tofu, vegetables.

Vitamin A: It is necessary for the growth of the young, help form bones … Dietary vitamin A is liver of animals: fish, beef, pork, goat, milk, egg yolk, dark green vegetables, tubers fruits such as red or yellow carrots, papaya, ripe mango, orange, peach …

Vitamin D: Helps the body absorb calcium, increasing the synthesis of calcium transport proteins in the blood. Body to absorb vitamin D from foods such as cod liver oil, milk, butter, phomai, eggs, liver, shrimp … skin and vitamin D synthesized under the influence of light. So apart from your children eat more vitamin D you need take the sun in the morning  from 15-30 minutes per day, light intensity and light exposed skin area as large as possible.

Substances also affect height growth, such as iron, zinc, iodine. Foods high in iron are: liver, eggs, meat, fish, beans, spinach, milk supplemented with iron. Dietary zinc is more oysters, scallops, pork liver, milk, beef, egg yolks, fish, soya. Much iodine food: iodized salt, phomai, eggs, milk, fish, seaweed, algae.

3 stage ideal help kids increase height

Measures of exercise: The campaign will stimulate the muscles, boost energy metabolism, metabolism, body growth, increase bone calcium to help strengthen bone tissue and more better development. Because such benefits, you need to guide and create for the exercise routine with daily exercises just power, consistent with the child’s age. You can refer to the guidance of exercise on television, in books and exercise your child’s school to teach the practice.

Make sure your child sleep: Sleep well, deep sleep helps the body more growth hormone, which helps increase calcium absorption, stimulating bone elongation and overall physical development. Hours of sleep depending on the needs of every age, but children generally need to sleep eight hours a day. You should make your child sleep in the room was spacious, clean, fresh air, with a quiet space, warm winter, cool summer, let your baby sleep and deep sleep, you will see me grow up after each sleep.


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