3 method spoil children with money


Give indiscriminately money for children or ‘isolation’  money are the common error of parents.

1. Do not talk money with children

3 method spoil children with money

Babies can understand the meaning and value of money early. You should not be rebuked when they receive money from relatives or asked for money to buy things. Instead of avoiding, your baby should be consistent with the basic rules in using the money, they will be aware of ways to save and spend appropriately.
– Let’s baby to participate in saving with family: If children know turn off the faucet after washing hands, turn off light bulbs when leaving the room, you should give her the meaning of such behavior. You can emphasize to them that, because baby know savings already know so you will spend the money to buy for child a favorite item.

– Share with your child about financial: Many parents seek to charge said: “I am out of money”. This is not necessary. Can open the wallet and explained: “This money to buy food. I can not afford to buy that item for you. But if you want something else then I will consider.”

Baby in preschoolers can understand the “out of money” means not afford to buy things. Elderly children are more understand the significance of this.

2. Give money unreasonableness

Giving your baby a little money to put in a piggy will not harm. But if your money is always available for the demands of the child should not. Many children like to ask: “Mother, give money to buy candy”… and you give immediately without hesitation.

You should only odd little money for child to to put in a piggy when you would encourage good behavior in children. If child asked for money, you should calmly ask the purpose and unity that you can meet the requirements of the baby.

3. Satisfy everything child like

Children forget how to make an effort to get results. This lifestyles will form psychological contempt money and wasting for child in future. You should learn to say no if children asked for new toys while the older toys are still good. When child called to feed apple pies that child had strawberry pie; When child wanted a bike like a friend and do not like the old car ….