3 bad habits that harm your baby

There are many ways to remove the bad habit  from the new formation for your child. Help us now is how you help children develop better future. Here are three bad habits you need to remove protection for baby teeth.
3 bad habits that harm your baby

Bottle-fed  at bedtime

Result of the child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice will cause tooth decay children. Sugar water in bottles that will be located on the long time making teeth squeezed that damage tooth enamel and caries.

This is a habit not easily removed, but that is not removed it. If your child go to bed with a bottle next to, make diluted milk or juice to reduce the risk of cavities.

Sucking hand

Sucking hand is a bad habit, sucking hands many baby teeth will be protruded with respiratory and orthodontic surgery. Most children will stop this habit when children are 2-4 years old. However, please help baby put away this habit when it is newly formed.

Swallowing toothpaste

Teaching baby brushing daily tasks of both parents. Bad habit is infected children often squeeze too much toothpaste to brush, then swallowing the toothpaste. The result is a lot of flouride penetrate into the body of the child cause white or brown spots on that stick, this phenomenon is called Flourosis.

This is actually quite easy to remove habits. Mother, please take the time to explain to young to understand that just a little toothpaste like small pea is enough, and teach children how to type brush teeth, mouthwash and spit properly. After a few times, children will eventually be used and remove these bad habits.

For children to regular dental examinations and consult your doctor about concerns in your baby’s dental problems. Understanding and help baby out of bad habit will help your baby have a healthy beautiful teeth in the future.

Hope you can’t avoid bad habit for my children!