Once born, your baby has been awarded many toys. However, the latest psychological research, children under 1 year of age has no need variety of toys. So just try playing just teach your baby to develop skills according to the instructions below:


0-3 months

Imitating cats: Little can be very interested to change your facial and games will help children formation skills look.

Closing up to go baby baby you can see, distance from eyes to face your best is 20 – 35cm and the baby is staring into your eyes, go slowly sticking out your tongue and try again. Each movement should do in 20 seconds.

12 games practice skills for baby under 1 year oldImplementing this game in 1 minute or may be longer. Let attention, tongue baby will follow you right to know. This is because the baby is trying to start before you that.

You can “perform” for the other facial baby “learn” as open one’s mouth or smile to all sizes.

Tunes fun: When they grow a little more, you can play “small pig” or “go around the garden” with your baby’s legs and hands. Be on the feet hands of the baby and Leveler stretching or folding in the melody of a song fun.

Keep repeating melody of the song until they started smiling and responding to enjoy with you.

The sound repeated simple will help improve your child’s mind.

Rolling circle and stretching tension: The development of the baby will take a step further when baby can pick up in the moment is coming when. If your baby happy while in this posture, get a ball rolling over the rolling color within a radius of 60cm, from the child.

When the game started, they will focus on looking at the ball and soon your baby will try to stretch the ball to people like. Movement will help her be “pulled” out, the feet and hands are the campaign.

Remember that baby must have plenty of arms and quickly ended the game when your baby begins proved uncomfortable, irritable.

3-6 months

Let’s catch me: Forcing a ribbon on a colorful toys and soft rock into it before children. When trying to capture your baby to encourage baby very much.

The toys have sound similar squeak will encourage your baby get put out and catch.

This game helps baby practice a combination of eye and hand.

Let your baby look at your face and repeatedly asked “aaa” and then you will see baby replied: “aaa” interested. Please do not stop encouraging baby started long ago by sound or word combinations. For example instead of saying “she” will say baaaaaaa “or” a – baaaaa.

Magic bubble : All baby are very interested with the ball. Please put your baby to sit on the seat is heating sun or car seat and took a ball, to earth up in front of baby. Observe your baby while blowing, you’ll see light eyes open round the magnitude of the ball and tried to hand the baby is reaching out to capture. If your baby start the ball, they will learn the causes – the result, touch football and spray gradually.

Note that washing hands with soap for baby after the game ended.

6-9 months

Hand puppets: Just get a piece of cloth cut from old washing gloves and clean cages on fingers and hands to ears, eyes and mouth to feel the different children.

Performed with hand puppets repertoire: singing, dancing, and more hardworking ki. Be very interested to see the show lively.

Effect of this game is to help children develop skills in imagination.

In and out: Be the things you enjoyed as empty bags, wallet, box … and they will become very interesting toys when you support.

The plastic box or bowl in a number of security objects such as blocks of color interesting, fun cotton, drums shake then pour out, drop back in to pick up a box / bowl.

The process of handling objects to help children learn about size, shape and weight under your guidance as to – a small, empty – full.

Expansion beyond afraid things: If you start to know the baby move then create a small object fields afraid to encourage your baby on the bed and climbed through.

This fun game will help increase fitness and ability to match.

9-12 months

Football: Be not need to know the players are new to this role. Put a ball in front of small and lightweight, shock armpit to foot baby baby and touching the ball. Please help her “rock” the ball to roll the ball away.

Duct rhythmic dance to enhance health for the baby legs, preparing for the process to become a real player when they grow more.

Building towers: The paper box, plastic bowls, books, fabric, boxes, yogurt, and block image can be classified into material to build a tower baby.

Husband to turn on each item until it dive down. Baby will be here and enjoy more, your baby still is learning about the size and shape.

See me: Little house you enjoyed imitating. If you look in hair or wipe surface, they will try to do same.

So can turn this feature into a game interesting as the show of hands, stroked the cheek … Every action should be accompanied by words sing.

So baby does not only learn new words that imitate is the premise for the games imagination later.



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