11 suggestions for teaching mathematics for baby belong nursery school


There are many simple and fun way for you to familiarize yourself with baby the concept of number, length, weight … Reference activities help your child exposed to mathematics, from Babyzone:

11 suggestions for teaching mathematics for baby belong nursery school

1. Use mathematical terms

When communicating, you need to use phrases such as heavy opposition – light, full – with, short – term, high – low, many – less. Let your baby know how to compare two objects according to characteristics of volume, length.

2. Learning parrot

Teaching your baby learn by a series of numbers in order (usually from 0 to 10) without interpreted. Sang a number of counts, count fingers or objects is an activity that you need to maintain the child. This will help the baby’s name and order number.

3. Teaching your baby the meaning of numbers

You let your baby out of two related to two objects. You try to start sharing objects into 2 parts, one side is the second item, the rest are three items and instructions to find the older baby. When novice, need to touch the baby is when counting objects and then, she can count without touching the map. She can count on the rice bowl of food tables, the objects are deleted from the basket.

4. Principle count

Teaching your baby know that if the baby stopped counting at a certain number then that is the total number of objects that your baby just counting. Put the item is a straight line, they will just count just touch the item. Next, you add objects to the tail of the sequence number and the baby will start counting again.

5. Manipulate the books

You can use the comic book simple, involving mathematics; such as “The Rabbit’s parents  are eating carrot in the garden. How many carrot? How many carrots rabbit ate?”.

6. Group objects similarity

Please help your child to group objects are classified in common; for example, baby classified drawing pen box, put a red pen next to a red pen other two blue pen blue pen next to two others.

7. Comparing objects

You can ask your baby to see any more objects, less than, more dark, lighter … Can use the widgets as the familiar pair of shoes with different sizes or 3 blocks (small, medium and large). You start with two objects and then increased gradually up. Then, the kids get acquainted with the concept of weight, volume, near – far …

8. Guess the number

You try to put 10 on the daisy clothing to baby bottle glass and guess how much the chrysanthemum. The supermarket, you go to a bundle of baby vegetables estimate how many grams of weight, how much a weight  of onion  …

9. Sorted layout

First, you need to prepare the large colorful plastic beads. Next, teach your baby string grain form is available: a red seeds – seeds 2 green or 1 red seeds – 3 purple seed …

10. Practical measurement

You can teach your baby to use a measure of length objects or water in bathtub.

11. Help your child identify and practice painting number

You can cut the paper into the number (or numbers available) and teaching your baby to create the picture with cardinal number. You can also put your baby guide model numbers on white paper and filling edge in those numbers