When pregnant, you should avoid activities that can make you fall or abdominal trauma. These exercises increase body temperature can also be harmful to the fetus and is not recommended.
11 activities to avoid during pregnancy
Here are 11 activities to avoid, from Baby Center:


1. Entertainment at the park: Slide water, riding a wooden horse … and other games should be avoided because they cause a sudden feeling, is not beneficial for the baby.

2. Cycling: Cycling is not prohibited in early pregnancy, but to end the second quarter, growing up when pregnant affects the balance of the bike can be dangerous.

3. Team sports: football, basketball … may potentially severe injuries caused by falling, being pushed …

4. Ski: This activity is recommended to avoid any time during your pregnancy because it can cause serious falls.

5. Gymnastics: It can cause falls and increased abdominal trauma.

6. Equestrian: Even if you are a wonderful equestrian, you also have more risk of falling.

7. Hot spring and sauna: The bathroom could harm the fetus because too high a temperature increase in mothers linked to defects in babies.

8. Running: If you love the sport, the daily running of pregnancy is the time to halt this activity.

9. Diving: This is a sport completely blocked pregnancy.

10. Skating: Another activity that may prevent you from falling and abdominal injuries.

11. Tennis: Tennis is a sport loved by many, but not for pregnant women. This subject requires you to run and stopped suddenly cause a hazard.




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