10 tips to help children swim faster


Summer is the chance to swim for children. But parents should also note the following points to help children swim faster, especially with health and safety.
10 tips to help children swim faster

1. You should children familiar with water gradually, do not expect too that forced child to learn to swim fast and do not want to practice. Remember that children take several months, even years can swim.

2. Parents are only allowed in places where children learn to swim safely, with adult swim and good rescue drown.

3. Before swimming, the baby should start the joint, as the movements of flexibility and avoid cramps when starting not flex.

4. Children should swim from 5-7 hours, 17-19 hours because that is the appropriate time to swim with the human body the most. Besides, the pool of sunshine hours can be avoided by the body temperature rises, sweat out more water is lost having to feel the temperature suddenly.

5. Baby should shower pass before swimming (the body movements help children recognize the degree of adaptation to the environment water).

6. No swimming after dark, thunder, lightning, rain and do not swim when has to go below the sun.

7. Not so hungry when swimming, because the campaign will quickly tired, not eating too well back then it would swim to make uncomfortable, be too full from eating and no drinking while swimming to avoid the choke.

8. You should buy beachwear suit baby’s body, swimming glasses, swim float, swim caps, and do not purchase the swimwear does not guarantee quality.

9. Baby play water games like water down head the water, exhaling bubbles underwater, breath… after a successful test of the game that children will swim as adults and will know from spontaneous breathing underwater.

10. Baby swim only recognized, as can swim 25 meters continuously and float least 5 minutes.

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