Welcoming a child into this world comes with many changes and mothers understand this even before they get pregnant. These changes range from simple things such adjusting as you sleeping schedule to completely changing your lifestyle. I knew things would be different, but I did not expect that the transformation would make me an almost new person. Once the joy and excitement that comes with the new child had died down, and I was alone with my baby most of the time, it was time to adjust to motherhood by making some changes. And to give you some idea of what it was like here are 10 things I stopped doing after having a child.


#1 Shouting

I used to yell a lot before giving birth and most of the time it was due to some minor things such as the neighbor’s dog doing his business on my beautiful flowers. However, after having a child, I stopped shouting and decided to look for other ways of expressing myself. I know kids hate yelling but seeing my son’s reaction firsthand was enough motivation for me to resolve never to shout again. Every time I would yell he would make an angry face that would be followed by a loud scream to show how annoyed it was. And so without being told by anyone I stopped shouting after seeing these reactions.

#2 Watching Movie Marathons

Just like most other people out there I love movies, and they are what I would spend most of my time of after work and on the weekends. Sometimes I would watch movie marathons for up to 18 hours nonstop without doing anything else. In short, I would become a couch potato during my free times. However, having a child does not even give me a few hours to watch a single movie and so this is one of the things that also had to stop. Apart from this am always behind the trend and I no longer even know the latest movies to watch.

#3 Obsessing Over a Clean House

Nothing was more annoying that seeing husband stepping on my clean rugs with his dirty shoes or finding dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor. I have always had an obsession with keeping my house clean but after the baby, I do not have the time to obsess over the cleanliness of my home. Nowadays I will only do some cleaning once or twice a day and mop up any mess but not try to keep the house spotless at all times.

#4 Going Out Every Weekend

If I were not watching movies on Netflix, then I would be out with my friends or my husband. It was my unwritten rule that I should not spend Friday and Saturday evenings at home. However having a child has changed all this. In fact, sometimes I go for weeks or even months without going out with my husband leave alone friends.

#5 Smoking and Drinking in the House

Although I am not a regular smoker, I would occasionally have a few puffs “to clear” my head. I stopped smoking when I was pregnant and even after giving birth I did not get back to the old habit. Posters warning against smoking are everywhere you go, and all online baby or motherhood tips always discourage against the vice, and so this is enough reason to convince anyone to stop. Alcohol might not have as much negative perception like smoking, but I just decided to remain sober as I raise my child.

#6 Sending Texts or Chatting on Social Media

Texting or chatting with friends on social media sites can be addictive, and when you get into it, you will not notice just how fast time flies. My phone would always accompany me to the bed where I would chat till late in the night. However, nowadays I will not text or respond to any conversation past 7 pm unless it is something very urgent or important. I am also very strict with time, and I will cut off any online conversation that is not work related that lasts for more than ten minutes.

#7 Planning Far Ahead

family - 10 Things I Stopped Doing After Having A Child

Most mothers like to plan far ahead to ensure that every step of the child’s development is smooth and comfortable. However, once you have a child, you will realize that your brain does not have enough space for you to know everything there is to know about motherhood or parenting. And so I no longer try to plan for everything but will instead learn as I go and only plan for important things and not try to control every step of my baby’s development.

#8 Sleeping Till Late on the Weekends

After a night out on Friday or Netflix movie marathon, I would be in bed until midday on most Saturdays. My partner is always away on business trips most Saturdays and being alone in the house was a good excuse for me to be in bed for some extra hours. However, nowadays I am always awake by 6 am and this is regardless of what time I go to sleep.

#9 Taking Advice (too much of it) From Friends

Friends and relatives are a reliable source of information, and this is more so for first-time mothers. Anybody who has a child or few of them knows one or two things that might help you raise yours. However, I stopped listening to too much advice from friends because I realized that they were not as helpful as they thought in most cases. There is not one way to do parenting or a manual for being a good mother, and so I stopped listening to the advice, and I instead filter the information that I get and only use what I think is beneficial.

#10 Unplanned Shopping Sprees

It is hard for most ladies to walk into a mall and not buy at least one thing that they did not plan to purchase. Personally, I have always had a problem with impulsive buying and going for unplanned shopping sprees, but I stopped doing this after having a child. Everything that I do nowadays has to be planned because I always think about my baby. Although we can afford the small things that he might need now time will come when he will be going to college. And so instead of doing some impulsive buying, that cash goes to his college fund.

Change is inevitable for new parents because once you have a child it means that you have one more person to consider in everything that you do. The ten things above are just some of the things that I have stopped doing after having a child but there are many others, and the list will probably continue to grow longer as my baby also grows.


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