10 steps to become a good father

The father has very big role for children in the family. But to become a good father in the eyes of children is not easy.

10 steps to become a good father1. Listening to children

The first thing is to listen to your children say. A good dad always know what their children are thinking, are interested in what and how are feeling. A father who always knows the perfect dream and future children what they want. Interest, share of the father has an important role in the formation of the personality of children. When you respect that, your child will feel confident and develop their abilities.

2. Encouragement children

When your child is having difficulty or failure in life is a bit of psychological changes, you analysed to help children recognize the right and wrong and find the strength to bring into play child. Encouraging words of the father is of great significance to the growth of children. “
My daughter is very good, I know you could do that“. Only just a few words of encouragement, your child will feel confident when their father is always nearby.

3. Respected

Children need a voice in the house. Can you tell me what makes a father as you will be shocked or uncomfortable. But it helps you understand me better. You should not tell your child’s weaknesses before strangers or crowds. The father and son time together, you know, please explain to me. Children also should have privacy or personal opinion, you should respect this. And do not forget to apologize when their child is minor, do not let me publish what you feel is right.

4. Playing sports with children

Subjects such as volleyball, hiking, swimming, biking … well suited for both father and son. When both father and son practiced together will generate excitement. Dad was a friend and a rival of child in the sport. These activities have helped improve health and besides more and more fathers and sons do love dearly.

5. Interest in child’s education

The education of children is also important. Dad should spend some time with child at night to study. You can no longer teaching skills to teach children, but children learning together will help your child understand that you are always with you. The busy time, no time for me to be, you should also inquire about the situation of learning. In addition, fathers should regularly contact the homeroom teacher to grasp the situation of child’s learning.

6. Mindful
activity of children

The father should also know their children’s activities. You should let me know that I do not have to monitor children. Always make your child feel comfortable when participating in activities at school or in living.

7. No discrimination

Family, the father should not have this attitude
precious this child than the other child or discriminate son or daughter. Father need the same reward and punish that children to be jealous and you do not have mentality father has always hated .

8. Help your child understand his work

If possible, you should take your child to the workplace. You let your children know how father worked,
how made money and how to handle the job. You can also orient child to think about careers in your future.

9. Facilitate the access to information, new paper and magazine

Information, books, television, website very useful resource for everyone. A television in home is not always available to parents. There are programs for children. Programs such as cartoons, children’s corner or music … can you believe is nonsense, is not suitable for children. This is completely wrong, your child has the right to access information. Also, I need to direct any policy, program or, better website for your child to your child can see and read. When free time, so for young fathers to our bookstore to choose which books they need, but you also need to know that children are not always appropriate books for children.

10. Learn from other dads

And one last thing that fathers should have is learning and sharing experiences with each other. there are no man is perfect and of course did not have any right that a father completely. Maybe we will find solutions for what they are thinking about educating their children or their lives in the one neighbor or we can find small things but do for your family feel happier more fun together from friends.


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