10 sign that your baby born healthy


You wonder newborn baby love his home healthy? Be based on the 10 signs below to identify.

10 sign that your  baby born healthy

1. When newly born baby will cry a few hours, then start breathing with lungs. Two weeks in a minute baby breathing 40-50 times.

2. Rthythm of newborn patrol vessels is 120-140 times per minute.

3. Weight newborns usually from 3 to 4 kg. If the baby weighs 2.5 kg less than the start you will be weaker than the normal baby.

4. First two days after birth, baby defecate generally green black as crucified again, no odor. After breastfeeding is gradually will turn into yellow or yellowish ..

5. Baby born after 24 hours starting to know urination .

6. Temperature of the newborn between 37-37.5 degrees C.

7. There are many new baby born after 2-3 days the skin appear yellowish. If after 2-3 weeks out or yellow is not as it is darker than the symptoms of jaundice.

8. Baby cries when hungry, smoke, stick out one’s tongue, swallowing, hugging and more reflective.

9. When exposed to light eyes have reflected the eyebrow lifting.

10. 3-7 days after birth your baby’s visual capacity will gradually develop, the echo heard she can blink, or have other reactions.


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