10 mistakes of father while teaching child

Nobody suddenly become good parents. Parents also need to learn. There are lessons to be learned from the mistakes.

10 mistakes of father while teaching child
1. Failing to remain calm: Although the actions of children can make you mad, but never allowed to teach children when angry. Shouted, swore,  lose control when teach children will encourage the bad behavior of children in relation to friends, family, such as yelling, anger, violence. Instead, take the time to undisturbed in mind. When felt really calm, talk candidly, calmly talk to me. Father’s speech there will be heavy.

2. Corporal punishment

Beat child do not solve the problem. Your child will understand that we can resolve the conflict by force. Remember that you are teaching children rather than exercise power with children.

3. Conflict

The same behavior that you can do two different attitudes to the two different treatment makes your child  feel understood and not “submission heart.”

If you have a laugh when your child talk nonsense, other times you scolded and disciplined application form, you will not understand what is right. Ideally you should set the rules and strictly comply with those rules.

4. Bribe the child

If you promise me a reward when you follow the instructions of your instructions, your child think you will go on doing wrong, then change the certain will be rewarded. While the desire of parents want you to act right the first time.

5. Improper criminal penalties

When a child accidentally broke something in the object, you reprimand and give a hiding that  make your child think parents value things more own. When the child sorrows that break toys, reprimand does not resolve the problem at all. Ask them to save money to buy new toys.

6. Against mother

It is important for parents unity in teaching children. If every time mother yelled at father run defense (or contrary), children will reply upon on a fulcrum which is not obedient. So do not ever criticize the education of the spouse in front of children or in front of everyone. If there is any point may be separately agreed please discussed each other.

7. Not understanding the role of fatherhood

Never feel you are forcing young or too strict with the children. You are a parent and parents are supposed to teach obedience. Your decision binding and children are supposed to follow. Later when I grow up, you can share your feelings when forced to do it. Sure your child will understand and thank you.

8. “Snap caps” for children

Do not always shoot for the type of hat: “You always hasty and careless man” , “You were forgetful, lost items throughout the day …”. Listen to your  child comments before mine shouted before remark .

9. Preaching

When children do wrong, you do not say child’s  faults as well as the values ??that child need to reach. For example, if I can not do your homework, your voice to a lecture about the value of education. Your child will not understand the purpose of so many parents say to do and very angry. You should talk to their children according to close gently.

10. Comparison with others

Never vex on a model by analogy: “Why do you also study conditions such as David but did not achieve as high as him?”, “How do your sister play the piano so well that you are not equal half ?”… These types of comparisons “provoke” so almost no effect, but also make children guilt, inferiority, jealousy and broken relationships children with people are compared.