6 guidelines for the children must listen to parents


Have time, children are very obedient, but sometimes, baby ‘willful’, determinedly against desired by parents. Baby argue can pamper, by words of parents have no weight (as the baby is hear the teacher or a few relatives in the house).

Never was taught early to hear the baby. Therefore, parents should consult the following suggestions to educate children effectively:

Baby must listen to their parents

1. Direct attention to the baby

Of hand, the positive focus on children when parents ask children to perform a job somehow. The children will hear that if you sit opposite or next to, to consider the baby eating bowls of rice or drink the milk in the cup.

2. Note to the imperatives of parents

You  should be clearly by the parents ideal, not threaten and do not consider the rewards. If you talk to children 2 years old: “I need to drink milk now” then you should avoid “prolix”  to 5-10 minutes and then assign or neglect by a cup of juice water.

Continuous scream, remind the children subject to the imperatives nor how to teach children effectively. Your baby will not be obedient if you shout : “Do not run through the ways” whether a warning is given to several causes to the attention of children (if you are concerned, a baby still easily with through ways). Similarly, if any continuous muttering: “For the cup of water to the table” may force the baby to complete the request with no happy mood.

Give the baby a few directions gentle baby know how to set the cup in place on the table, will hear the baby’s mother with a positive attitude. Make sure that you share with and respect the principles of teaching children, whether a person is not completely homogeneous with the other.

3. Instructions need specific

If you talk to children 2 years old: “I to the toys, baby toys will c?m, look around the room as to not understand it at first. So, if you want to baby it dutiful mother to the baby for the very task specific, such as: “I put toys into the yellow basket . Then, with the emphasis be: “well done, yellow basket at the back of you”.

4. Instruction combined with action

Directions should come with action, especially when you want to pull the baby out of the work attractive. If you say: “Go to sleep now” the day after, the baby should give visual signal as to enable light to sleep in the room, signal shape (drag fold on to comfort) and a series of actions to prepare other ( way the baby to bed, pulled blankets, preparation pillows).

5. Give warning

To realize the baby is a limit on the time limits allowed, especially when drunk with baby toys or your baby. Before baby is leaving the house , You should consider baby that: “I am only child of you playing the Bin 20 minutes only. When the mother called, that is, you need to stand up, wash your hands and bye friend to go home.”

6. Exemplary for baby

To listen to the baby, parents need to serve as a model for baby. When children hear the opinions expressed, parents need to attentively, respond in a courteousness. If children feel comfortable when communicating with parents, the baby will voluntarily listen and practice as the parents said.



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